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To ensure our clients continuity, reliability and quality, Demo Technology has had its Quality Management Sistem certified with DNV.

our products

We provide a strong base of expertise & knowledge in the manufacture of products that fully meet our clients’ specifications.

  • casting mould presses – for all types of items in the automotive, transportation, office furniture and parts
  • low pressure moulds – wheel casting, cilinder heads, safety valves, frames, motor components, auto
  • moulds for gravity casting – auto components, frames, motor bikes, racing industry
  • liquid casting moulds for intricate mechanical detail
  • SMS moulds- car bodywork, frames, chairs, tractors 
  • fiberglass mould – sanitary facilities, car bodywork, bins
  • injection moulding – for all types of plastic parts
  • engineering
  • design – machining
  • prototypes

We manufacture moulds with a maximum weight of 20 tonnes.